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Your mailing list is an extremely important marketing tool. It is absolutely imperative for you to keep it clean and up-to-date. That’s what we help you with at Softgainz Technologies. We take care of such tasks as mailing list management, list management, direct mailing list, and business mailing list.

By ensuring that your mailing lists are updated and well maintained, we ensure that your mailing campaign’s undelivered rate is low. After all, every mail counts.

Our services can be offered to you on Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly basis.

Address Standardization

One of our basic services is to offer address standardization. As the name suggests, we standardize the addresses for the entries in your mailing list. We adopt the following methods for different regions:

  • USA data files

The standardization in the case of the United States of America (USA) is performed as per the accepted format of USPS. Included in the standardization process is also address correction. We also segregate the valid mail addresses from the invalid ones.

  • INDIA data files

Your mailing list with wrong or missing pin codes, city name, or state name can be a cause of wastage and loss of money. We can help you standardize that by identifying and correcting all files that have missing or incorrect entries.

NCOA (National Change Of Address)

What happens if people in your mailing list changed their address? This means that your mails will be delivered to the wrong address. You will be surprised to know that millions of people change their addresses every year, and keeping a track of that without professional support can be challenging, if not impossible.

  • USA data files

We refer to the National Change of Address to be able to update your directory. Hence, your database remains fresh at all times.
There are significant benefits of availing this service. That includes the reduction of customer loss rate, improved mailing list accuracy, alleviated mailing cost, reduced undeliverable mails, and more.

Merge-Purge - Duplication Elimination

The process of duplication elimination has to be adopted when two or more lists are about to be combined together. There are high chances of having several duplicate entries in this case. Our job, at Softgainz Technologies, is to identify and eliminate the duplicate records. Being a renowned IT company in Mumbai, we possess the technology to perform this task efficiency.

We can help remove the duplications through various combinations:

  • Household level (same surname and address)
  • Individual level (same first and last name and address)
  • Individual level with Age or DOB filtration
  • Address level (same address, disregarding name)
  • Any other criteria as per requirement.

Key coding

A key coding or key code refers to a series of characters / numbers translated to create a key coded value. The fields or attributes in your mailing list database can be key coded as per the rules / instructions provided.


There are various mailing lists that clients work with. This leads to the chances of repetition or duplication in various lists. Most businesses that work with such lists will know that. This means that the response level of your lists will be lower due to duplication. It can also adversely affect your reputation.

Softgainz Technologies can help you eliminate or suppress the previously provided information from your current list. This means that your new list will now be unique and that the response rate will be higher.

Profile Analysis

A database is just a combination of names and other information, unless you extract insights out of it. Our profiling analysis service helps you learn more about your clients by enhancing your data against benchmark information. We create a series of reports to outline the key findings. These reports will help you make more educated decisions.

List Enhancement

Your database becomes more valuable if there are more attributes associated to it. Hence, if you lifestyle information is appended to your demographic data; it will help you make better decisions. That’s what we do with our list enhancement service. Much can be added to the lists including titles, pin codes, city, state, etc. This service can be performed for Indian and US based clients.

Name Parsing

Name parsing is the process of parsing the names pertaining in one field into multiple fields, the most common example for this is full name.

Layout matching and File conversion

Most business databases are extremely large with varied fields. Hence, it becomes difficult to look at all the fields. You always wished that the important fields would be presented first and the not-so-important ones could be pushed back. That’s what we do with our layout matching service. We can help you rearrange the data in the file to a specific sequence of fields in the file. The layout creation helps you to re-arrange the data in your file from the current sequence to a new sequence.

Data cleansing or Data scrubbing

We can help you keep you data clean by identifying and eliminating the inaccurate or corrupt records from your database. This way the irrelevant data will be out of place, and you will only be focusing on the data that can generate results for you.


Online count system or Real Time count system

Teams need to perform searches within the database. We can help with system through which such searches can be executed within a few clicks. These searches can be performed in real time, leading to high client satisfaction.


Client Speak

We had a very good experience working with Team Softgainz . They were able to understand our requirements for different financial products like Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposit, Real Estate Etc..and provided suitable solutions as well. There were times when we needed some iterations to be done on a very urgent basis and Rakesh & Team were able respond quickly and deliver the same We are happy to.....
Jalpa Vyas,
IFAN Finserv Pvt. Ltd., INDIA.
Our complex specifications have been consistently met along with often tight deadlines and delivered to a high standard each time. They truly know the meaning of putting the client first and deliver over and beyond what is expected of them each time.In particular, what makes working with Softgainz a pleasure is their high level of customer care and the patience with which they deal with us as clients, who often....
Manish Patel,
Argos InfoTech, LLC, USA.
Right from the start, Softgainz impressed us with their efficient and professional manner -an approach that not only inspired confidence working along with an organization that wasonly been brought about by good faith and trust, but generated the results we were looking for.We have not personally met with any of Softgainz staff but felt their reliability through prompt responses. We needed an effective....
Nigel D’souza,
Mindfield Resources, UAE.
I have had a very good experience working with Softgainz. They communicated with me every day and gave me updates on how the projects were going. Their developers are knowledgeable about the latest programming techniques and were able to modernize my website. They also quickly fixed many bugs that were left there by a previous developer. I'm really happy with their work....
Douglas Carry,
WealthTrace, USA.
It has been a great experience working with Softgainz, we are very happy and satisfied to have Softgainz as our development partner. We have been working with Softgainz for number of years and Softgainz team has been doing great job for development of my application. I look forward to continue working with them. I'd recommend them to anyone looking out for development partners...
Nishant Vyas,
Myvu Capital Services Pvt. Ltd., INDIA.

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