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Database Management Services in Mumbai

Everyday enterprises, all around the world, create a large volume of data. This can be in the form of customer information, email communication, invoices, financial information, etc. All of this is critical information, but busy business professionals struggle to store, retrieve, share, and derive insights from such data.

It is imperative to create and maintain databases in order to make sense of the available data and avail of the ocean of benefits that wait to be explored.

At Softgainz Technologies, our database management services enable enterprises to lend continuous support to their most business-critical application through our reliable database management services. We have more than 5 years of experience with the service, and offer comprehensive solutions for modern day enterprises.

Application Database

Due to rapid increase in database driven applications, more and more importance is given to the database maintenance and support activities in terms of storing, retrieving, maintenance and security of data.

As these databases provide real time data to the applications, database downtime will really degrade the performance of the application. We can help you to address the need of continuous availability of your business applications database.

Few of our services for application database include:

  • Database Restore & Backup services
  • Database Administration
  • Database Trouble-shooting
  • Database Monitoring
  • Database Maintenance and support

Marketing Database

Softgainz Technologies provides services that enable you to increase the marketing value of your data. We combine your data into a single marketing database, which will help you to understand your potential customers and also track their buying habits. We provide flexible and affordable services you need to improve your ROI. Softgainz has the expertise to help you achieve your marketing goal by building a cohesive marketing database.

We can help you for the monthly or quarterly Updates of your files. We can also provide you all the relevant database services to improve your list accuracy and enhance results through list segmentation.

Few of our database services includes:

  • Database design & development
  • Files imports/updates (Fixed length, Tab delimited, comma delimited formats)
  • Clean up your database and remove junk records
  • Back-end response analysis
  • Create your own list marketing database

Our responsive staff will provide you with support to assure that your needs are always met and that your database remains updated. We have the resources to maintain your in house files for you and keep your data in top (mailing) condition.

Other Database Related Services

  • SQL Database Optimization
  • SQL Server Clustering
  • SQL Server Data Warehousing
  • SQL Server Replications
  • SQL Server Backups and Restores
  • SQL Server Re-index and Defrags

Client Speak

We had a very good experience working with Team Softgainz . They were able to understand our requirements for different financial products like Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposit, Real Estate Etc..and provided suitable solutions as well. There were times when we needed some iterations to be done on a very urgent basis and Rakesh & Team were able respond quickly and deliver the same We are happy to.....
Jalpa Vyas,
IFAN Finserv Pvt. Ltd., INDIA.
Our complex specifications have been consistently met along with often tight deadlines and delivered to a high standard each time. They truly know the meaning of putting the client first and deliver over and beyond what is expected of them each time.In particular, what makes working with Softgainz a pleasure is their high level of customer care and the patience with which they deal with us as clients, who often....
Manish Patel,
Argos InfoTech, LLC, USA.
Right from the start, Softgainz impressed us with their efficient and professional manner -an approach that not only inspired confidence working along with an organization that wasonly been brought about by good faith and trust, but generated the results we were looking for.We have not personally met with any of Softgainz staff but felt their reliability through prompt responses. We needed an effective....
Nigel D’souza,
Mindfield Resources, UAE.
I have had a very good experience working with Softgainz. They communicated with me every day and gave me updates on how the projects were going. Their developers are knowledgeable about the latest programming techniques and were able to modernize my website. They also quickly fixed many bugs that were left there by a previous developer. I'm really happy with their work....
Douglas Carry,
WealthTrace, USA.
It has been a great experience working with Softgainz, we are very happy and satisfied to have Softgainz as our development partner. We have been working with Softgainz for number of years and Softgainz team has been doing great job for development of my application. I look forward to continue working with them. I'd recommend them to anyone looking out for development partners...
Nishant Vyas,
Myvu Capital Services Pvt. Ltd., INDIA.

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